Yoga!!! Special Guest!!!

Hi!!! Welcome again to Yoga class!!! Today we will have a special guest that needs some help! We will all be learning some yoga poses and excercises! You will also get the tip of the day today too! But first lets meet our special guest!

Here He is!!! Tired Tracy!!!
"Hi Franny. Im soooooooooo tired! I run everyday to try to stay healthy and fit, but it just dosnt wor! Every time I finish running, Im sooo tired! All my friends are so not tired and still energised after thier run but me? NOPE! What do you thing is wrong???

Well Tracy, I think the problem is that you dont stretch before you run. Do you stretch?
See thats the problem! All your friends probably stretch! Lets see if one  of my friends can help you out. BOBBY!!!!!  

"Hi!!! " Whats the problem! I can probley LIFT it off your shoulders!!! Get it? Lift as in weights!? HAHAHAHA!
My friend here, Tracy, Needs some help! He always is on the run but every time he gets done with his run, he is really tired! Do you think you can help him out???
"Sure!!! WHY NOT!!!! Ok Tracy....I hear you dont stretch very good. Well stretching is a very important thing to do everyday! Wether your going on a run or going to work! Stretching everyday will help your muscles grow stronger! LIKE MINE! HUGHHHHH!!!!"
"Ok. So do you know any stretches I could do???"

"DO I??? Sure!!!  There is jumping jacks, running in place, stretching your legs by spreading them apart and touching your toes, theres sit ups, push ups, and lots more!!!
OOOO!!! OK!!! I will try thse next time I run!!!
Also its always a good idea to stretch after you run.So that you dont hurt somthing.
Well Thanks Bobby! And Everyone includintg Tracy, I hope you uys learned somthing today!!

Hi! The tip of the day today is based on Lots of Water!!! When you drink more water, it washes away all the toxins from your body and also realeases all the fat from your body!!!