Meet FrannysFriends!!!

Hello...Welcome to Yoga Class!!! As you may know Im Fitness Franny! You can just call me Franny! Since today is just the first day of Yoga Class, we wont be doing any of the yoga excercises. Instead we will be talking about yoga and just learning!

To start off, I want you to meet a few of my Fitness Friends!!!

Ok so there is....Bobby the Body Builder!!! 
He is always on the move! Wether its running or lifting weights!!! Look at those Muscles!!!

The next person is Tarisa the Tennis player!!! She loves playing tennis with all her friends!!! She is always eating healthy and getting fit!
And Finally there is Benne the Book Worm!!! Benne will be around all the time!!! When evr we need help with a word definition...hes the worm!!!
So!!! These are all of my friends!!!

So....Lets start off with learning a little about what we will be doing!!!

You will hear "YOGA" alot so lets find the definition!  BENNE!!!!

"Well Hello! Im very excited to be able to help you guys out with words you need to know! But not just any words! Healthy and fitness words!!! Thats my specialty!!! Yeseree!!!"
"So you need to know what the  word 'YOGA" means!!!??? Well let me look in my book!!! My WORD BOOK!!!!!

YOGA: Yoga is a healing systym of theory and practice. It is a combination of breathing excercises, physical postures, and meditation that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years!!!
"Wow! Thts alot of Yoga!!! Those people must be really fittnessed up!!!"

Ok! So Benne the next word is excercise!!! Think youve gotten that word in that big Book!!!???
"Oh Yeah Franny!!! My Big Book has everything you need to know!!! Ok so you said that the word was "EXCERCISE"

Excercise: Any bodily activity that enhances or maintaines physical fitness and overall health. It is preformed for many various reasons. These include strenthining muscles and the cardiovascular systym, honing athletic skills or weight loss.

Ok Benne and the last word is Stretching! Got it!?
"Yes!!! I do have that word!!!
Stretching: Extend one's limbs or muscles or entire body. "STRETCH THOSE LEGS!!!!!

Ok!!! Thanks Benne!!! So now you know some of the main words we will be talking about!!! Come back tommorrow and we will have a special guest that needs some help!!!! The guest and everyone else will all be learningsome "YOGA, EXCERCISES, and STRETCHES!!!"

Hi! The tip of the day today is Based on "Moving More!!
Make it a daily challenge to move more!!! Some things you can do is....
Children: Toss a ball, Ride your bike, play tag with your friends!
Adults: Climb stairs, chase your kids, Go to a local gym!