Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wellllll I dont know what to doexcept for to say Hi....I like Miiilllk. Its TASTEY. So yeaaah im bored. :I :) ;) %) :> :>)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 3 of CRCT!!!!

Today was the Math section!!!! It was half way hard and half way easy..... YIKES!!!! But I still feel confident about it!!! Our snack today was animal crackers and a juice box! YUM!!! Any way after the test we had lunch and then we went outside and then we came in and watched the Walt Disneys "Herculese" It was acctually reeeaaallly good!!! Its going on the list of fave mvies! (cartoon movies that is.) So next week is Social Studies!!! Yay!!!!(not really!!! BORING!!!) So see you later and Oh!!! By the Way!!!..... Happy B-Day to the Earth!!! Its Earth Day!!!

Day 2 of CRCT!!! Language Arts!!!

Hi!!! Yesterday on Wed. April 21 we had the L.A CRCT Test. Sorry I didnt post this yesterday. I just didnt think about it and....yeah. AnyWay Language was really easy too! Im sooo glad that I listened to Mrs. Turner!!! Our snack was a pack of two HUGE Chocolate Chip cokies!!! (and a kapree sun) So thats all I have to say!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 1 of CRCT!!!!

Hi!!!! Today was the 1st day of the CRCT!!!! :( But I shouldnt put a :( because the test was acctually easy!!! Todays subject was reading. Its the easiest because when you read the passage and its time for the questions, you already have the answers!!! (in the passage!) So after the 1st part of the test, we got to stand up and stretch, and then we had to do the 2nd part. But.....after the whole test(just of reading) we got to eat snacks!!! Cheese-its and Fruit Punch!!! YUUUMMM!!! Well tomorrow were having the Language Arts Test. So.....................................Wish me Luck!!!!! :I :I :I :I

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Please WElcome....Ali Mercer and BOnd Turner!!!! If you were wondering what that was for...well.......Last Night was ALi and Bonds Prom!!! They both looked GREAT!!!! Ali had on a long poofy aqua blue dress while Bond had on a nice, snippy looking tux on!!!! Ali actually looked like Cinderella!!! Bond was also veeeeerrrrry handsome!!! Well....not only did they look snippy but so did the decor!!! Who-ever did it was a true profesionall!!!! The rest of the night went pretty good! We had Pops B-Day and the Prom so it worked out perfectly to be at Lincoln County!!! :):):)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

PoWeR SeRgE!!!!!

These past few days...(Wed. Thurs. and Fri.) .... We have had a bible study thing for the youth for all the churches in and around Elberton! It is called Power Serge!!! It was sooooooo fun!!!! Even though my other Fruzin Brittney didnt even come to the Thursday and Friday nights, I still had fun! Thursday I sat with Sydney Dye,(a girl who is about .........17, 18........Shes a senior. ) She was really nice because I was sitting all by myself and and instead of sitting with all of her friends...she sat with me! I felt really special. Friday night...last night... Was also reeeaallyy fun too!!! Well it started out...."Man I wish Sydney was Here." Because again I was sitting by-myself.:( But then I saw one of my Best Friends Forever...Angel McClary! She soooo small but soooo nice!!!! We stood in the front with all the other kids.(ps: didnt know any of the kids except for 2 boys. Eww) Anyway.. It went good! The speaker there is Hilarious!!!! He loves teens so hes good!!! He told this funny story about how he killed this house pet and that it was a deer! But I might put that in another post. Well since last night was the last night...It was really getting emotional and Of course...If you didnt know Christ and If you weren't where you needed to be then you would raise your hand. Well....Alot of people raised thier hand and I looked over to my right and Sitting thier was this man or Guy as deddy put it. He was about in his 20's. We acctually are related to him in some way. My grannys brothers son or somthing- We are getting off the subject. So anyway he's raising his hand but nobody seems to see him so suddenly my deddy gets up and walks over there. He starts to pray with him. Well no big deal right? YES!!! My Deddy was praying with him!!! I acctually was really emotional for me cause I felt like God was not only talking to that man but he was talking to my deddy. Telling him that he should be the one to go over there and pray with him. I didnt even know he was like that.(if you know what I mean) Well what I mean is that in church he never gets up and prayes at the alter or...prays out loud...or lifts up his hands in praise!!! But ...last night it was just ( get ready for this brittney...) It was just ....diFFerent!!! I feel like now...mayyybbeeee... he might start being Different!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Almost Summer!!!!!:):):)

CRCT CRCT CRCT Oh No!!!! The CRCT is almost here! Its Friday afternoon right now....Monday I will be in school, in my 1st period, for 3 whole hours, taking a test. The CRCT!!! AGGGGHHHH!!!! I am half and half ready for it. Scienc and Language Arts are the 2 subjects that I feel good about. Social Studies and Math are the ones that Im kind of worried about though. Well the bright side about all of this is that after the CRCT school will be almost out!!! I plan to spend my summer........I DONT KNOW!!!!! well...GTG!!! Power Serge is about 2 start and we have 2 leave!!!

PEACE OUT!!!!!:):):):)