Friday, April 16, 2010

Almost Summer!!!!!:):):)

CRCT CRCT CRCT Oh No!!!! The CRCT is almost here! Its Friday afternoon right now....Monday I will be in school, in my 1st period, for 3 whole hours, taking a test. The CRCT!!! AGGGGHHHH!!!! I am half and half ready for it. Scienc and Language Arts are the 2 subjects that I feel good about. Social Studies and Math are the ones that Im kind of worried about though. Well the bright side about all of this is that after the CRCT school will be almost out!!! I plan to spend my summer........I DONT KNOW!!!!! well...GTG!!! Power Serge is about 2 start and we have 2 leave!!!

PEACE OUT!!!!!:):):):)

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