Sunday, April 18, 2010

Please WElcome....Ali Mercer and BOnd Turner!!!! If you were wondering what that was for...well.......Last Night was ALi and Bonds Prom!!! They both looked GREAT!!!! Ali had on a long poofy aqua blue dress while Bond had on a nice, snippy looking tux on!!!! Ali actually looked like Cinderella!!! Bond was also veeeeerrrrry handsome!!! Well....not only did they look snippy but so did the decor!!! Who-ever did it was a true profesionall!!!! The rest of the night went pretty good! We had Pops B-Day and the Prom so it worked out perfectly to be at Lincoln County!!! :):):)


  1. Hey Morgan! I love your new summer blog design! It makes me feel like going to the BEACH! Love you!!!

  2. The Prom was sooooo fun!!! I hope that when I am Ali's age I can find a boy who lives in Lincoln County so that I can go th their prom!!! :I :I :I