Friday, May 28, 2010

How Lowm Can You Go!!!???

May 29th, or tommorow, My sister Camryn will be having her 9th birthday! Its going to be a luau pool party!!! Shes going to have 9 friends counting herself!!! They will play in the pool(if it dosnt rain. its calling for it! ), hit a pinata, and play games!!! Im really excited about the games because Me and my fruzin Nikki are doing them! 3 games: Limbo, Tacky tourist realy, and freeze dance!!! Limbo( you should know what that is) is where you walk under a stick without touching it and it gets lower and lower and lower! Tacky Tourist Realy is where you have 2 of luau hats, lieghs, flipflops and sunglasses! You put them in 2 stacks of everything. You say go and the 1st 2 girls run to thier pile, put all the stuff on, run to the finish line, and run back, They get to the other side, take it all off, and the next person does the same! Get it? And the last is freeze dance! You play music and we dance and when the music stops, you stop and whoever is caught still moving, is out!

Well, Bye!!! I have to get back to my limbo!!! "How low can you go!!!" HAHHHA

Thursday, May 27, 2010


When? Friday June 11th 2010
Where? Laura Rada's House
Invitations will go out to only people who are followers of these following blogs: Rada Rythm and Rhyme Laura Rada
Me becoming a teacher Nikki Mercer
Fruziny Girl Morgan Pless
Other Fruziny Girl Brittney Drake
Molly McKnights blog!

New page!!

You need to check out my new page called Quizzez!!! Take it!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Summer List!!! You???

Ive decided that Im going to make a list of things I will do during the Summer!!! Here it is!:)

Read at least 10 chapter books

Go to at least 5 yard sales!!!

Have a yard sale!!! HUGE one too!!!

Try atleast 3 new foods and drinks!!!

........i will have to think of more things!!! Mean while, today we had to go to the Office and guess what, .....I slept the Whole day!!! Well at least till 12:00. Its Wednesday so...Mamma only has to work till 12:00.

C U L8TER!!!

this is a picture of me. the camera blured and it messed up my face!!! HAHA!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today, Me and Cam had to come to the office. BORING!!! Yesterday wasnt so bad because we went to the library and got some books to read. Today we might walk around town! It will bee fun but then we will have to come back to the office. Im looking foward to tommorrow because its Wednesday and we only have half a day to stay here....YAY!!! So..I will talk toyou tommorrow!!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I just found this really great lio gloss!!! Its the kind Ive been looking for too!! Its just a clear shine that really looks great!!! Its called Vanilla Strawberry!!! Its really tastey too!!!

Summer Styling!!!

I went to Wal-Mart in Athens today with Mamma, Cam, and Granny to look for luau stuff for Cams b-day and a bed spread for her. While we were there Momma bought me this REALLY cute bathin suit and a bathin suit cover up dress!!! They fit real well and I plan to wear them to Camryns luau party!!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010


"What time is it!? Its Summer time! Its time for Vacation!!!" That was the chorus of the "SUMMER TIME" song from High school Musical 2! Its finally Summer!!! Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo strange too because I keep thinking that I have to go to school!!! Its extremely hot!!! I ran outside to get my camera, and I started to sweat! It terrible but also Im really happy. new nick name is Grace because at my awards for school, I tripped over a cord on the stage and almost fell in front of like 100 people!!! But its over now and its summer so...Grace, Just relax!!! Well, H.A.G.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ITS SO HOT!!! I passed out I got so hot! LOL!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dream Home....

Today I came home and I saw....TADA!!! New floors!!! Well its not finished yet but it still looks really good! I cant wait until I can come home, and just run in the living room and I will hear my steps on the floor!!! at night, I have to be quiet now so that I wont wake up the Big Bear in the living room!!! HAHA!!! Well, our floors are really nice!!! Hope these pics give you an idea of what it looks like!!!

Lucy loves to lay on the cold floor and lay on top of the cold vent!!!
Camryn saw a beetle and was telling me to come kill it. I didnt. She hates bugs.

Deddy is working hard!!!!

Me and Cam bout to work hard!!! JK!!! W wouldnt do that.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Person now!!!

Not trying to brag or anything but ever since the pageant, I feel reaaallly special!!!! People come up to me now and say stuff to me about winning and I feel appriciated!!! HAH!!!! I canmt wait until next years pegeant!!! Maybe I will win that one too!!! Now Mammas saying that she wants me to do the Miss Lakewood Pasgeant!!! I cant wait!!! It will be soooo fun! Maybe I will grow up doing pageants!!!Ahhhh!!!! Life is amzing isnt it? Im so thankful that God was able to let me walk out in front of all those people and smile and talk!!! Well now I might change my background color. Maybe saom crowns or somthing!!!??? HAHA!!!
WEll I will find somthin!!! See yoo next time!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

ECMS Pageant!!!

Tonight was the ECMS Pageant!!! It was soooo fun!!! I was sooo nervous!!! And the best thing about being in the pageant is I WON THE MISS 6TH GRADE REPRESENTATIVE!!! Its just like winning Miss ECMS but only 8th graders can win that. II was the winnerover the whole 6th grade!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today is the day of the Pagent!!! I just got back from my interview with the judges!!! They were really nice too!!!! There was one big black man, a white woman, and a jimacin woman!!! They asked me lots of questions including who and what fruzinz are!!! I told them that Brittney Drake, her sisters and a couple of my cousins were all Fruzinz!!! They laughed at everything I said and I really think they liked me!!!

My interview outfit!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun with the DRakes!!!

Friday night I got tospend the night with the Drakes!!! It was sooooo fun!!! Here are some pics!!! Screen saver for the Drakes T.V!!! DOLPHINS!!! bottom pic...My mixed up face!!the one on the top...

Brittney and Caitlin showing me a Case for a movie called "The way of life and Birth!!!???

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yearbooks and Tommorrow!!!

Today we got our year books!!! YAY!!! They actually turned out to be really nice!! The theme was called "Rockin out the Memories!!!" I looked good in it too! HAHA!!! Well we got to go to a yearbook signing party and I got to sign alot of yearbooks and alot of people got to sign mine! Also tommorrow Me and my friend Miranda get to be tour guides for the 5th grade kids from Doves Creek! It will be sooooo fun!! Well thats pretty much all i have to say!! Sooo BYE!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Leaving for school

Hey! Im Bout to leave for school! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Whos the Bloggerr???

Ok so latley on some of my blogs Ive noticed that I have a viewer that has left comments!!! The bloggers name is Becoming a teacher(i think???) So if "Becoming a teacher" is reading this then please leave a comment telling me what youre blog address is so i can see it!! Thanks sooo much that you are reading my blog!!! I appriciate it sooo much!!!!

Mothersday and Fruzinz day!!!

Sun. May 7th we had our Mothersday get together at our house! It was lost of fun too!!! We got to see little Makayla and I got to hole her!!! Shes heavy!!!! We ate lost and then we swam!!! I taught Laura my dance for cheerleading!!! But the # 1 thing that this whole thing was about was celebrate our Mothers!!! My mother is the most wonderful woman on Earth!!! I love her soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! On my pages I am going to write a poem for her so check that out!

ECMS School Dance...!!!!!!

Saturday May 8th ECMS had a school dance and it was sooooo fun!!! (by the way, I didnt post on saturday cause it was late...sorry) Anyway I went to Katies house to get ready! 1st I went and we got to eat pizza!!! (PINEAPPLE PIZZA!!!!) We also had a side of pineapples and strawberries!!! Mrs. Kubas had the fruit fixed in a nice, fancy way so Me and Katie felt like we were going to a famous place or somthing! After that, we went upstairs to Katies room to get ready! Mamma, Happy, and Granny showed up a little later to take some pictures. So did Katies parents and grandparents. They said we both loooked absolutley BEAUTIFUL!!! I thought so too! We left the house and got to the school...!!!! I felt soooooo nervous when we got there! I felt like we were being expected to be there! When we got there all the girls waiting out side, (they had to. The people wouldnt let them in until 7) ran up to me and just started praising me and my dress!!! They touched it and made faces at me like they had just seen Taylor Swift! Even a girl thats really mean and snobby and get it....came up to me and said, "Oh my gosh you look so pretty!!! Oh! Your necklace is twisted..let me fix it." And she fixed it and was just so nice to me! I felt like Taylor Swift!!! So the rest of the night went well!!! We danced and had fun!!!! I will have oics soon. Happy took some pics and Im gonna get her mamory card and get some pics. ***

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finall Results......

Well today they posted the results of who made cheerleading and who didnt. Well.............................................................................................................................
......I MADE IT!!!!!! We were driving and got there and I saw my name on the list and I was sooo happy!!! Ali got out with me to enjoy the great news. But the only sad thing is that My friend Audrey didnt make it. I dont know what Im going to do about tommorow when I see her! What do I say? How do I comfort her? Just let her come to me and say it. If I know for sure that she didnt see the list or she dosnt know if she made it... I guess I will tell her. Well Im glad I made it and thats all!!!!!!
(finaly I can say....) GO MORGAN!!!

Finall Results!!!

Well....before I say anything about if I made Cheerleading or not I want to say that I am proud of the way I tried out. And that I MADE IT!!!! IM SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! A COUPLE OF MY FRIENDS DIDNT MAKE IT BUT....My friend Katie made it!!! Ok enough. I cant take it!! Let me tell you about how it happened. Well we left the house to go see the post on the door. Me and mamma were bout sick of nerv and worry. We stopped to get my Fruzin ALi and my new dew aunt Happy!!! (She got her hair cut and straightened)


OMG!!! Today was the tryouts!!! Throughg out the whole day I was nervous!!! The closer and closer we got till the end of school I got more nervous! Well we got there and we all had to sit in our lines in the lobby and waited. It seemed like a long time but then the 3 girls before us went!!!! We stood up and waited at the door. While we waited, I went through everything. The chant, cheer, jump, and dance.(i looove the dance!!!) Finally the girls came out and it was our time to go! EEEK!!! So we went in there and got on the dotted line. We ran through the gym like we were entering a game and then we stopped and stood. The judges looked at each of us and then said, "Ok # 39 please do your jump." So #39 was Katie did her jump and the one she got to pick. The Keandrea went and then Me!! I thought I did really good! After that they asked us if they could see our chant. Well I stood there smiling looking strsaight ahead ready to start....when I realized that they wernt starting. I kind of glanced over to see what was going on. Katie and Kea. (short for Keandrea) were looking at each other like "What now!!!" I just looked back at the judges and kept smiling. Then Katie shouted,"The team that cant be stopped!" (which is our cheer.) She said the wrong thing!! I started to do the chant and I looked over and they were doing the cheer! I got so confused and just stood there and caught back up at the end. Well in the end the judges saw how confused I was and told us we could start over. We got done and I thought I did really well!!! They will post the team at 9:posting later!!! So I will be posting later so you can find out the results!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 3 of Tryouts!!!

Go team!!! Today was the 3rd day of tryouts and it was fun! Well it started out that I forgot my tennis-shoes!!! It was terrible!!! I went to my favorite coach for next year..Mrs. Ray and told her. I said it real dranmatically so she would give for me. She gave me her phone and I called my mamma. She answered and I took a deep breath before I said anything. (I felt like I was going to burst into tears!) "Hey mamma! I for got my tennis-shoes. Can you really quick come and bring them to me?" Well while we were doing our stretches my deddy walked in and looked all around for me! I stood up and just took them and said "Thanks." Anyway we went through all the cheers and all and finally we got picked of who we will be cheering wih for tryouts. I got to be with Katie...(Ive mentioned her in the posts) and a girl named Keandrea. We are so excited!!! Tommorow are the tryouts!!! Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 2 of Cheerleading Tryouts!!!

Well today was the 2nd day of tryouts/practice!!! Actually it was really tiring. It seemed long. All we did was learned this dance we have to do in the tryouts. It was extremely hard but today after practice and the meeting we had, I went to one of my BFF's house Katie Kubas!!! I looooovvve her house! Its like a mansion!!! Its a beautiful house!!! Im getting off subject so...! Anyway we practiced the cheer,chant,and the dance. (by the way...before we left the school we had to get a couple of girls to teach us the dance before we REALLY knew how to do it.) Anyway after we practiced a little we got to eat a snack!!! A turkey sandwich with real pineapples!!! YUMMY!!! (btw my fave fruit is Pineapples!!!) We finally got it down!!! We probably practiced in thier living room for abour an hour. It was really fun though!!! We even made this thing up that when you get done cheering we wiggle our fingers together yelling "Spirit Fingers!!!" Im going there tommorow too but with Amanda with us. So it will be Me, Katie, and Manda!!! Well see you later!!!
Spirit Fingers!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A.R Carnival and Cheerleading Tryouts!!!

"Give me a C! Give me a H! Give me a E! Give me a E! Give me a R! What does that spell??? CHEER!!! Ok so the first day of Cheerleading tryouts was today and it was great!!! We learned a chant and a cheer. But...more to that in a sec. Let me start off about what happened before school......! Well today we (or as I would put it as the 6th graders who acctually read...) got to go to the A.R Carnival! I was one of those peeps!!! OMG!! It was sooooo much fun!!!! They had inflatble slides and rides!!! Snacks and drinks and WHOOOO!!!! I only got 8 tickets to spend for the rides because I only got 3.5 points. Oh Well at least I got that many!!! While I had a puny amount of tickets my friend Audrey had 21 tickets. My friend Katie had 118 tickets!!! (the reason I put her name slanted if I hate her...I dont. Im just jealous cause she got more points....there I said it!) Any way it was all joyess and fun but after that was when it really started to get intense......!!! We got back to homeroom and some of my friends that were trying out were in thier!!! Audrey...Katie...Amanda...Kaytlyn...Emilee...ladeedadada. So anyway we were talking and we were just sooo nerveous and excited about tryout practice! We are all talking about it when we heard our shift to leave!!!! We all walked down the hallway with pride and shy. (if shy and pride rhyme...?) So we get to the gym and we go into the dressing room and change and all and.... Me and the girls all walked out and sat on the bleachers. The coach had to call roll and all... as usaual. Anyway so we all got out on the gym floor and started to stretch and run laps....Ugh that is my favorite thing to do is run laps. Joy. Well we learned a chant which was called" W-I-N!!!" We also learned a cheer called "The team that cant be stopped!!!" It was reeeeaaaally fun even though I came home forgetul of the cheer. Tomorrow We will be learning the dance. A parent/gaurdian meeting will be held tomorow and after that I will get to go to Katies to work on everything weve learned so far!!! Thursday is tryouts!!!! YIKES!!! Well wish me the best!!!! "GO TEAM!!!"