Monday, May 10, 2010

ECMS School Dance...!!!!!!

Saturday May 8th ECMS had a school dance and it was sooooo fun!!! (by the way, I didnt post on saturday cause it was late...sorry) Anyway I went to Katies house to get ready! 1st I went and we got to eat pizza!!! (PINEAPPLE PIZZA!!!!) We also had a side of pineapples and strawberries!!! Mrs. Kubas had the fruit fixed in a nice, fancy way so Me and Katie felt like we were going to a famous place or somthing! After that, we went upstairs to Katies room to get ready! Mamma, Happy, and Granny showed up a little later to take some pictures. So did Katies parents and grandparents. They said we both loooked absolutley BEAUTIFUL!!! I thought so too! We left the house and got to the school...!!!! I felt soooooo nervous when we got there! I felt like we were being expected to be there! When we got there all the girls waiting out side, (they had to. The people wouldnt let them in until 7) ran up to me and just started praising me and my dress!!! They touched it and made faces at me like they had just seen Taylor Swift! Even a girl thats really mean and snobby and get it....came up to me and said, "Oh my gosh you look so pretty!!! Oh! Your necklace is twisted..let me fix it." And she fixed it and was just so nice to me! I felt like Taylor Swift!!! So the rest of the night went well!!! We danced and had fun!!!! I will have oics soon. Happy took some pics and Im gonna get her mamory card and get some pics. ***

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