Thursday, May 6, 2010


OMG!!! Today was the tryouts!!! Throughg out the whole day I was nervous!!! The closer and closer we got till the end of school I got more nervous! Well we got there and we all had to sit in our lines in the lobby and waited. It seemed like a long time but then the 3 girls before us went!!!! We stood up and waited at the door. While we waited, I went through everything. The chant, cheer, jump, and dance.(i looove the dance!!!) Finally the girls came out and it was our time to go! EEEK!!! So we went in there and got on the dotted line. We ran through the gym like we were entering a game and then we stopped and stood. The judges looked at each of us and then said, "Ok # 39 please do your jump." So #39 was Katie did her jump and the one she got to pick. The Keandrea went and then Me!! I thought I did really good! After that they asked us if they could see our chant. Well I stood there smiling looking strsaight ahead ready to start....when I realized that they wernt starting. I kind of glanced over to see what was going on. Katie and Kea. (short for Keandrea) were looking at each other like "What now!!!" I just looked back at the judges and kept smiling. Then Katie shouted,"The team that cant be stopped!" (which is our cheer.) She said the wrong thing!! I started to do the chant and I looked over and they were doing the cheer! I got so confused and just stood there and caught back up at the end. Well in the end the judges saw how confused I was and told us we could start over. We got done and I thought I did really well!!! They will post the team at 9:posting later!!! So I will be posting later so you can find out the results!!!

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