Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 2 of Cheerleading Tryouts!!!

Well today was the 2nd day of tryouts/practice!!! Actually it was really tiring. It seemed long. All we did was learned this dance we have to do in the tryouts. It was extremely hard but today after practice and the meeting we had, I went to one of my BFF's house Katie Kubas!!! I looooovvve her house! Its like a mansion!!! Its a beautiful house!!! Im getting off subject so...! Anyway we practiced the cheer,chant,and the dance. (by the way...before we left the school we had to get a couple of girls to teach us the dance before we REALLY knew how to do it.) Anyway after we practiced a little we got to eat a snack!!! A turkey sandwich with real pineapples!!! YUMMY!!! (btw my fave fruit is Pineapples!!!) We finally got it down!!! We probably practiced in thier living room for abour an hour. It was really fun though!!! We even made this thing up that when you get done cheering we wiggle our fingers together yelling "Spirit Fingers!!!" Im going there tommorow too but with Amanda with us. So it will be Me, Katie, and Manda!!! Well see you later!!!
Spirit Fingers!!!!

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