Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Person now!!!

Not trying to brag or anything but ever since the pageant, I feel reaaallly special!!!! People come up to me now and say stuff to me about winning and I feel appriciated!!! HAH!!!! I canmt wait until next years pegeant!!! Maybe I will win that one too!!! Now Mammas saying that she wants me to do the Miss Lakewood Pasgeant!!! I cant wait!!! It will be soooo fun! Maybe I will grow up doing pageants!!!Ahhhh!!!! Life is amzing isnt it? Im so thankful that God was able to let me walk out in front of all those people and smile and talk!!! Well now I might change my background color. Maybe saom crowns or somthing!!!??? HAHA!!!
WEll I will find somthin!!! See yoo next time!!!

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