Monday, January 18, 2010

What are Fruzinz???

Howdy!!! This is my very 1st blog so....ok!!! You are probably wondering what Fruzinz are? Well, I'll tell you. Its a long story.It all started when me, my cousins, Laura and Caitlin, were all at the mall and laura was like, Hey you two need a name! Yaw are both cousins(4th cousins) so yaw arent really related! But yaw are Friends so ..FRUZINZ!!! It was such a good idea! It kind of spread and now if I see any of my cousin its always either Whats up Fruzin!? or Fruzin!!! So yeah....thats it!!!


  1. Hey COOL FRUZIN! I love your blog and I'm glad now I have another really cool blog to read! It's so cute and very "you!" I added you to my blog list! Love you!!!

  2. Fruzin.... I LOVE your blog! Soooo cute! You need to check mine out too! I can't wait to read more updates! Hope you are having a fabulous week girl! Love you!!