Monday, May 3, 2010

A.R Carnival and Cheerleading Tryouts!!!

"Give me a C! Give me a H! Give me a E! Give me a E! Give me a R! What does that spell??? CHEER!!! Ok so the first day of Cheerleading tryouts was today and it was great!!! We learned a chant and a cheer. But...more to that in a sec. Let me start off about what happened before school......! Well today we (or as I would put it as the 6th graders who acctually read...) got to go to the A.R Carnival! I was one of those peeps!!! OMG!! It was sooooo much fun!!!! They had inflatble slides and rides!!! Snacks and drinks and WHOOOO!!!! I only got 8 tickets to spend for the rides because I only got 3.5 points. Oh Well at least I got that many!!! While I had a puny amount of tickets my friend Audrey had 21 tickets. My friend Katie had 118 tickets!!! (the reason I put her name slanted if I hate her...I dont. Im just jealous cause she got more points....there I said it!) Any way it was all joyess and fun but after that was when it really started to get intense......!!! We got back to homeroom and some of my friends that were trying out were in thier!!! Audrey...Katie...Amanda...Kaytlyn...Emilee...ladeedadada. So anyway we were talking and we were just sooo nerveous and excited about tryout practice! We are all talking about it when we heard our shift to leave!!!! We all walked down the hallway with pride and shy. (if shy and pride rhyme...?) So we get to the gym and we go into the dressing room and change and all and.... Me and the girls all walked out and sat on the bleachers. The coach had to call roll and all... as usaual. Anyway so we all got out on the gym floor and started to stretch and run laps....Ugh that is my favorite thing to do is run laps. Joy. Well we learned a chant which was called" W-I-N!!!" We also learned a cheer called "The team that cant be stopped!!!" It was reeeeaaaally fun even though I came home forgetul of the cheer. Tomorrow We will be learning the dance. A parent/gaurdian meeting will be held tomorow and after that I will get to go to Katies to work on everything weve learned so far!!! Thursday is tryouts!!!! YIKES!!! Well wish me the best!!!! "GO TEAM!!!"

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  1. Yea! I can leave comments now! I know you'll do great and cheerleading tryouts and I'll be thinking about you! Love you! Enter my giveaway on my blog, fruzin!