Friday, May 28, 2010

How Lowm Can You Go!!!???

May 29th, or tommorow, My sister Camryn will be having her 9th birthday! Its going to be a luau pool party!!! Shes going to have 9 friends counting herself!!! They will play in the pool(if it dosnt rain. its calling for it! ), hit a pinata, and play games!!! Im really excited about the games because Me and my fruzin Nikki are doing them! 3 games: Limbo, Tacky tourist realy, and freeze dance!!! Limbo( you should know what that is) is where you walk under a stick without touching it and it gets lower and lower and lower! Tacky Tourist Realy is where you have 2 of luau hats, lieghs, flipflops and sunglasses! You put them in 2 stacks of everything. You say go and the 1st 2 girls run to thier pile, put all the stuff on, run to the finish line, and run back, They get to the other side, take it all off, and the next person does the same! Get it? And the last is freeze dance! You play music and we dance and when the music stops, you stop and whoever is caught still moving, is out!

Well, Bye!!! I have to get back to my limbo!!! "How low can you go!!!" HAHHHA

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  1. I can't wait! The games sound so fun! I'll see ya tomorrow!